The Block Café is an intimate rustic espresso bar located within The Butcher’s Block in Long Branch, New Jersey. Serving signature coffees with beans from around the world. The Block Café was constructed by The Reclaimed Firm at The Block, this room is a culmination of Dean’s talents, and Thomas’ love of interior design.


The space that The Block Café sits in now, at one time was simply an industrial warehouse and has since been repurposed into the elegant space you see today. All of the materials used inside The Block Café have been reclaimed from local historic buildings; every brick has been given a new life after being removed from a demolished schoolhouse, the floor tiles are imported from Italian tile-makers, the bar cladding sourced from an estate in Mendham, New Jersey, to come together to form THE BLOCK CAFÉ.


Dean Bruno

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235 West Avenue, Long Branch, New Jersey 07740